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Oct 25, 2005


Kelley Bell

Muslim Extremists Christian Extremists
Cover up Women Exploit sex
Prayer in school Intelligent Design
Jihads for Islam War for Western Ideals
Men control Gov. Men Control Gov.
Fear/Hate of Infidels Fear/Hate of Insurgents
Islamic Gov control Christian Gov control

The men fight while the women cook and clean and tend the sick and rear the children, and cry themselves to sleep at night.

Are we really all that different?

Kelley Bell

Muslim Extremists.......Christian Extremists
Cover up Women .........Exploit sex
Prayer in school .......Intelligent Design
Jihads for Islam .......War for Western Ideals
Men control Gov. .......Men Control Gov.
Fear/Hate of Infidels ..Fear/Hate of Insurgents
Islamic Gov control ....Christian Gov control

(Sorry, the blog reformatted my above comparrison when I posted.)

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The men fight while the women cook and clean and tend the sick and rear the children, and cry themselves to sleep at night.

Are we really all that different?

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